Pineo's Pet Spaw
2044 HWY 359 Centerville, N.S.
902-697-DOGS (3647)

Products & Accessories


Products available at Pineo's

  • Canadian Made: Smoochy Poochy Leashes & Collars (A great Leather alternative that wears for life)
  • INNER WOLF RAW DOG FOOD - Made locally 
  • Taste of the Wild Cat & Dog Food - Made in the U.S.A.
  • Grain Free Naturals Dog Food - Made in the U.S.A.
  • Bailey's Rescue Remedy
  • Canadian Made: Quality house treats (Dehydrated Beef Lung, Liver, Chicken Necks & Veg)
  • Deer antlers
  • Canadian Made: RC Pets Leashes, Collars, Rain Jackets, Life Jackets, Harnesses, Seat Hammocks, Collar Lights and Bells & Reflective Vests
  • Chuckit Products
  • Variety of Squeak toys
  • Petchup Supplement Products (Probiotics & Glucosamine)
  • Nature's specialties shampoo
  • Tropiclean Tooth Paste & Oral Water Solution
  • Variety of Grooming Aids (Brushes, Nail clippers & Conditioners)
  • Seafoam Lavender Shampoo, Conditions and Bug Repellent (From Truro, NS)
  • EPI-PET Hypoallergenic, Vet Approved Shampoo and ear cleaner (Made in the U.S.A.)


Travelling by Truro, Check out Amy's fellow groomer & friend Missy at The Dirty Dog Shop. She carrys a wide selection of local grooming and food products!



  • IPG (International Professional Groomers, INC)
  • CBDC
  • CFIB


  • Recipient of Best of Kings EKCC Best Pet Care/Vet/Groomer/Supply/Boarding
  • Three time nominee for EKCC Outstanding Small Business Award