Green Dog Real Food


Green Dog Real food is a local farm, manufacturing raw dog food, bones, broth, vegetables and treats. 

They offer a variety of proteins, packaged as 1200 gram packages divided into 100 gram blocks  or  6 lb packages divided into 1/2 lb blocks. All proteins are also available in veggie mixes too!

In shop we also sell their beef and pork bones in vacuum sealed packages in a variety of sizes and weight per package. All bones are sold by the pound.

A variety of balanced proteins, designed to feed your dog healthy!

What is your dogs serving size?

We have created a simple tool to best calculate a starting point serving size when transitioning to a raw diet. Simply enter your dogs weight in the space provided and automatically generate a proper portion size, while confirming servings per package size as well as price per serving! Check out our educational materials as well regarding real nutrition!

Who is Green Dog?

In their Own Words...


."We are a farm-based business located in Nova Scotia's Annapolis Valley with a passion for ethical animal husbandry, holistic pet nutrition, and environmental responsibility.  This perspective has shaped the development of our farm, Wild Mountain Farm, and given rise to Green Dog Real Foods, our pet foods enterprise"

"We produce high quality pet foods using livestock and vegetables from farms in Nova Scotia and the Maritimes.  Some of our ingredients are from products that do not make it to the (often wasteful) human food system, like chickens that were cut wrong on the assembly line, or a catch of fish too abundant to sell at market.  Much of our beef, for example, comes from a machine at a processing facility that identifies bone particles in ground beef and extracts some of the beef to catch the bone.  We don't want bone bits in our burgers, but it's exactly what our pets need in theirs!  Using ingredients like these, our pets get to live awesome wholesome lives by our sides, but well within the ecological shadows already cast by us humans."

"We are pet owners ourselves who have lived the benefits of feeding primarily raw animal based diets to our cats and dogs.  For many pets that don't do well on grain-based kibble foods, we've seen raw food become the only medicine these animals needed to return to full health.  As raw feeding expands in popularity, we'll be working towards seeing that good pet health expands with minimal consequences for the planet related to abundant happy carnivores!"

Kathleen Bishop, Green Dog Real Food Owner

Lance Bishop, Green Dog Real Food Owner