Smack Pet Food

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Why Smack Pet Food?

We are happy to share Smack Pet Food in order to support all approaches of transitioning your pet to a real food diet. Smack offers a dehydrated version of a balanced raw food diet but in a convenient, resealable bag available in multiple proteins and sizes. This eliminates the hands on processing of raw, which deters some owners, as well as offers a convenient option for when on the run!


Who is Smack Pet Food?

100% Canadian Business offering organically sourced, highly dense nutrition as a dehydrated raw food with a 60 day money back satisfaction guarantee and a loyalty program! 

How can you lose?

Smack Pet Food Real Food Raw Food Dehydrated Raw Dog


Below is !a link to the FAQ's answered by Smack Pet Food. Who better to share then the creators themselves! Still have a question? Contact us below