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We now carry Totally Raw Food, Treats and Supplements!

We are now carrying Totally Raw Food, Treats and Supplements! A business started off the healing process of their own pet! Now in business for 15 years!

A conveniently packaged raw food available in 10 1/2 pound patty portions or 30, 1/2 lb patty portions. In shop we are now carrying Duck, Turkey. Lamb,  Surf, Turf and Land Lover. 

We are now also carrying a small selection of natural supplements to support a healthy pet and healthy nutrition. Supplements available in shop are  Diatomaceous Earth for pesticide control, Slippery Elm and Taurine. Under the products option in the above menu, check out the natural supplements we offer!

What is your pets serving size?

 We have created a simple tool to best calculate a starting point serving size when transitioning to a raw diet. Simply enter your dogs weight in the space provided and automatically generate a proper portion size, while confirming servings per package size as well as price per serving! Check out our educational materials as well regarding real nutrition! 

Totally Raw

Hear their story?

Why duplicate when you can hear straight from the source!

Why Raw?

A no nonsense approach to a natural diet for your pet!

Sample Menu Plan

Great examples of how to balance a raw diet over four weeks. Making feeding raw easy!