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Real Food

More and more we see our furry friends coming through the doors with ongoing health issues including  ear infections, hot spots, itchy skin, weepy eyes and irritated digestive systems. Although some feel a real / raw diet is Taboo, we have only seen awesome healing results! What do you think our pets ate 100 years ago?

Real Food Options at Pineo's Pet Spaw

Green Dog Real Food


Green Dog Real Food offers raw proteins, blended to provide the proper nutritional instinct diet for your pet. Why do you think our furry friends have such large teeth and claws?

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Totally Raw Real Food


We now carry Totally Raw! Totally raw offers a balanced raw food option in multiple proteins, packaged for convenience of feeding! Questions?

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Smack Real Pet Food


Smack Pet Food offers a high quality dehydrated raw food in multiple proteins and bag sizes. Highly dense nutrition, made in Canada, offering a 100%, 60 day money back guarantee and loyalty program!

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Raw Food Calculator

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