Grain Free Food


Taste of the Wild Grain Free

Taste of the Wild provides one of the top quality, grain free, dehydrated kibble. We carry Lamb, Fowl and Venison flavours in 5 lb, 14 lb and 28 lb bags. If you are looking to upgrade your pooch's kibble to a higher grade, come check out our selection and FREE samples ! Taste of the Wild also comes with a 100% money back  satisfaction guarantee!


Diamond Naturals Grain Free

Diamond Naturals offers an affordable, high quality, grain free dehydrated kibble with a 100% satisfaction money back guarantee! We carry Whitefish and Beef proteins in 5 lb, 14 lb and 28 lb bags. Come check it out!

Canned Canine Feline Soft Food Taste of the Wild Diamond Naturals

High Moisture Canine and Feline Canned Food

Add moisture to your pets diet! Did you know that dogs are made up of at least 60% water while cats at least 80%! When our pets become dehydrated, multiple issues can begin. We offer Taste of the Wild canned dog food and Diamond Natural canned dog and cat food.  Taste of the Wild offers a chunky meat in gravy in multiple proteins while Diamond Natural offers a pate style in Lamb & Chicken. Both 100% money back satisfaction guaranteed!